Simplicity Mobile Nails - Serving Bournemouth, Poole & Wimborne                                                                                                 Tel 07859 050914

Price List

Spa Ritual Manicure - 45 mins
Nail file/shape, cuticle work, SpaRitual tonic soak,
oil & buff, hand massage & moisturise followed by
base coat, SpaRitual colour of your choice,             
top coat & quick dry drops.
                                                                      £ 16                        

Luxury Spa Ritual Manicure - 60 mins
Nail file/shape, cuticle work, SpaRitual Tonic soak,
oil & buff, hand & arm massage, scrub masque with
mitts, finished with Spa Ritual base coat, polish,
top coat & quick dry drops.                                                                      £ 22

Upgrade your manicures with Gellux finish                                  add    £ 10

Gellux Nails (fingers or toes)                                                                   £ 18                                                                                                                     
Kooky Wraps                                                                                            £ 18

Nsi Hollywood Toes                                                                                 £ 20

Nsi Rockstar Toes                                                                                     £ 20

Gellux/Kooky Removal without renewal                                                  £  8
* free with renewal

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